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Why Hair Transplant In Turkey?

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Why Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Why Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Did you know why Turkey is the number 1 destination when it comes to Hair Transplantation?

There are many reasons why Turkey is the best country to get a hair transplant. The reasons include geographical location (being the intersection point between Europe and Asia connecting these two continents) no visa requirements and a majestic country to combine hair transplant with a nice city tour. Turkey has been the top destination for hair transplants since it offers high-quality services with the latest technology at much lower costs compared to other countries. Low treatment packages shouldn’t misguide patient’s that are interested in hair transplantation. Low costs are not equal to low quality. Hair transplantation is low compared to other countries because of low labor costs as well as the local currency which has a huge effect on the cost.

Hair Transplant Costs UK VS TURKEY

Similar treatment costs between 10.000- 25.000£ in the United Kingdom that is 10 times higher than in Turkey. These prices only include the treatment. However, we offer all-inclusive treatment packages according to patient’s own needs.