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Is There A Risk of Catching Covid-19

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Is There A Risk of Catching Covid-19

Is There A Risk of Catching Covid-19 if I Undergo A Hair Transplant Operation?

Turkey is known for being one of the main destinations for health tourism due to its modern health facilities and the high skill level of its medical professionals, but now it has become a world reference for many countries in what concerns to measures to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. Additionally, Turkey has developed its own tests capable of detecting Covid-19 about 10 times faster than a regular test.

We require every patient to take Covid test before the hair transplant operation which is included in our all-inclusive packages.

Our hospital has the health quality and security international certification provided by the Joint Commission International (JCI), and also stands by ISO protocols. When you undergo a hair transplant operation in a specialized hospital with all guarantees with specialized medical personnel that knows very well and follows strictly all necessary hygiene and prevention protocols. These certifications guarantee you that our team takes all necessary precautions to carry out the procedures in a safe, sterile and hygienic environment, both during the consultation and during the medical procedure. We are also associated with one of the most modern and best equipped hospitals in Turkey (Liv Hospital) located in Istanbul. Hair transplant operations are done in sterile operating rooms and both the medical staff and the patient wear a face mask all time and use disinfected and disposable material.