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Is hair transplant painful?

Is hair transplant painful?

Is hair transplant painful?

Thankfully, the answer is: No, a hair transplant is not a painful operation. However, this does mean there is no discomfort at all. Even the most minimally invasive medical procedures have some discomfort just like hair transplants. Luckily the pain is very brief and short-term.

The only discomfort a patient feels during the procedure is anaesthesia. However, before applying actual anaesthesia we use a pressure pen to reduce local anaesthesia’s pain by about %70. As a hair transplant is performed while the patient is under local anaesthesia, the patient feels almost no pain during the procedure.

Before Operation

The only discomfort you might feel is during anaesthesia. The doctor will inject small amounts of anaesthesia across the entire scalp. The injections are applied very quick and are done using a very fine needle. Most patients describe this as a pinching sensation. Once the scalp is numb enough, a patient feels nothing throughout the transplantation.

After Operation

Now you know that patients do not feel any pain during the operation, but what about after the operation? Thankfully, the numbness continues for a couple of days after the surgery. Because of this, you won’t need to take extra pain killers to minimize your pain (we always give patients some painkillers to take if they feel any pain just in case.) Most patients report very little to no discomfort after the surgery.

To sum up, a hair transplant is not a painful procedure thanks to local anaesthesia. A hair transplant is typically a pleasant and easy experience for most hair loss sufferers.